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Your journey to Japan begins.

There are many moving companies around the world but only a select group who truly understand the international industry.


What our clients say!

  • Mrs. Kyung ju lo


    "Speedy and efficient work is what I like in my numerous relocations!"


  • Mister Jim mcpherson
    Citibank Japan

    "I am happy to report that not even a single piece of delicate glassware was broken thanks to the careful job done by your packing team in Tokyo. They really know their stuff. Kindly pass along our appreciation to them.
    This was by far the best experience we have ever had in our long expat career with packing and shipping. We would happily recommend Asian Tigers to any Japan expat contemplating an overseas move."

  • Mrs Melina Gularte

    Société Générale

    "The move in Tokyo was fantastic!"

  • Mister jochen schaudinn

    Bayer Medical Science

    "My wife just called and informed me that your people finished picking up our moving goods in Denenchofu. We think they did a pretty good job and like to thank you for all the arrangements. We will certainly recommend Asian Tigers to other parties that might have to move."


    Mr brad Maggart
    Delphi Japan

    "The crew is working hard and doing a great job!"
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About us


ASIAN TIGERS MOBILITY specializes in the professional packing and forwarding of office and household goods shipments both domestically and to and from international locations. We also offer secure warehouse and storage facilities and services. We service both the foreign and Japanese communities. We are part of Asian Tigers, a recognized group of companies operating throughout Asia in most of the major cities including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.



AsianTigers 15th Anniversary in Japan Featured

Extract from tokyo weekender by Bill Hershey.  June 2013

Asian Tigers 15th Anniversary

When it comes to moving I'm a big fan of Nick Masee and his expert international moving company, Asian Tigers.  Over the years I've also gotten to know his staff, an international mix of people who really know their business, and who always go all out to make moving for their many customers as easy and pleasant as possible.  I've often referred friends to Asian Tigers and have heard nothing back but raves for their professionalism, consideration and service.  Asian Tigers recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in Japan.  To mark the milestone it hosted a dinner for an interesting group at the prestigious Japanese restuarant, Togo's, which is on the ground floor of the mushroom shaped Moto-Azabu Hills.

Special guests that evening included top executvies of Asian Tigers offices in other countries, top staff here, and a variety of company execs' who work with the company.

Mr. Togo, the owner, worked with Nobu Matsuhisa in New York for three years and he and his staff prepared an awesome buffet for the party.  It really was Japanese cuisine at its best.  It was a great, relaxed evening with good people, excellent food and a warm, friendly ambiance.

Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary, my friend, and may you have many, many more.


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    Save China's Tigers


    The Chinese tiger is the most endangered of the five remaining subspecies of tiger and it is believed to be the origin of all the tiger subspecies. Due to human elimination and habitat destruction, there are less than one hundred left on earth today
    (estimated between 10 and 30 in the wild, and about 60 in Chinese zoos)!


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